There has been a lot of chatter recently in our industry centered around Netflix’s film “I Care a Lot”. Many have questions concerning where the line between gripping drama and actual real life accounts of lies. Could this actually happen? Could this happen to me? Below we have included a detailed article that draws the line between facts and fiction when it comes to conservatorships and guardianships in the state of California.

California Conservatorship Facts

The State of California has, both through the Courts and County agencies, safeguards in place that would make what is depicted in the film I Care a Lot impossible. These protections would never allow an elderly person to be placed in a Conservatorship without notice, without the ability to object, or without any Court oversight of the Professional Conservator. Notice to the Proposed Conservatee is required, Court Investigators interview the Proposed Conservatee and the Proposed Conservatee is given the opportunity to have their own attorney.